A Timeline of Education in the Future

A glimpse into education’s future by Dr. Moravec and Education Futures: If you haven’t seen any of his other decks, check out John Moravec’s SlideShare profile. He has some amazing stuff in there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wayne-Caswell/1113005314 Wayne Caswell

    Good slide deck. Here’s another.

    Remember entrepreneurs Bill Gates and Michael Dell? Rather than prepare office workers for Corporate America, maybe we should encourage entrepreneurism. Could it be that Corporate America is against this since they would rather NOT compete with innovative start-ups?

    Check out “Beyond the PC: Paradigm Shifts and Implications for Job Seekers” (http://waynecaswell.com/BeyondThePC.htm). It’s a presentation I made at a local job club that included data from a new study by Georgetown University on future in-demand jobs. It says 43% of workers with a professional License or Certificate now make more money than those with Associates degrees and 27% make more than with a Bachelors degree. Trade schools and community colleges are often more closely aligned with local employment needs, so it should not be surprising that 31% of workers with an Associates also earn more than those with a Bachelors. This suggests that employers may value useful SKILLS more than general knowledge, and it has lots of implications as we plan our own careers.

    • http://brainmatch.net Charles Andretta, II

      Thanks for sharing. See my reply to your other comment here: http://bit.ly/g7YPpQ