About Us

Why We Care About Bridging Business and Education

The team at BrainMatch firmly believes that good education is good business — both for us and for the economy at large.  Fueled by a passionate commitment to entrepreneurship, BrainMatch strives to foster the self-directed values of bootstrapping a business to students bootstrapping their own education.

We firmly believe that an Industrial Age education model is not capable of producing the high engagement educational opportunities needed in the 21st century.  As lifelong learners, we are all committed to the idea that, when done properly, learning is organic.  Curious, stimulated minds will go out of their way to learn as much as they can about the things that interest them.

It is our belief that the radical technological and societal changes that we continue to see around us can and should be applied to education, and that “education” at its core should not be viewed as an institutional experience.  Education is a desire, an attitude, and a way of viewing the world around us.

Our modern education model was built to ensure that our population could contribute to our core economic engine.  In 2010 we see a disconnect between what the education system produces and what the economic system needs.  BrainMatch strives to bridge that gap by reconnecting the two.  Thus, showing students what real business expects of them, and showing business what the talent of students can really provide.

We often post great examples of thought leadership in these areas on our blog, including some of the items listed below: