BrainMatch is an organization built on core values that drive everything we do. It is essential to us that we not only ‘talk the talk,’ but that we also ‘walk the walk.’ As such, BrainMatch is committed to working and conducting business according to the following values.

  • Meritocracy – People’s contribution should be judged on the value of the results provided, not how much time they spent working, where they went to school or how they dress.
  • Learning – As a learning organization, BrainMatch strives to instill a curiosity and love of learning in people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Entrepreneurship – As an entrepreneurial organization, BrainMatch intends to support, cultivate, and celebrate entrepreneurial success in business, and among students and communities.
  • Community – Community is at the heart of BrainMatch. We are a community to learners and entrepreneurs coming together to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem where we can all thrive together.
  • Empowerment – BrainMatch seeks to empower both students and businesses by offering them access to choices and opportunities that have not previously been available.
  • Innovation – BrainMatch believes that the hunger for innovation in business can be sated with new approaches, new ideas, and new perspectives. Students are uniquely qualified to usher in a new era of creativity that will spark several generations of business opportunities.