What Is BrainMatch?

BrainMatch is a New Solution to an Emerging Need

BrainMatch is an open innovation solution that bridges the gap between business and academia — all while providing immediate, real world value to both students and business owners. Open innovation allows BrainMatch to foster a competitive spirit among students, to help bring out their best efforts.

Companies who use BrainMatch as their open innovation solution get the chance to leverage the raw creative talent of a fresh perspective, long before group think and the corporate world have had the chance to take hold. And while BrainMatch’s solution offers immediate results by getting your company’s projects completed now, project competitions provide businesses with an opportunity to build the long-term relationships with students that can ultimately lead to traditional internships or even permanent employment.

For students, BrainMatch offers not only the opportunity to make money for college, but real world business experience that allows you to experiment with topics that pique your curiosity or apply what you’re learning in a real world setting. And once you’ve successfully completed a project, you have a truly valuable addition to include on your college application — one that will help distinguish you from your peers.